Chris Pitto

Some time ago Christopher Pitto decided to take back control of his life. Standing at six foot three inches tall and reaching a staggering weight of 164kg it's safe to say Chris was extremely overweight. Chris wanted to make a change in order to become a healthier individual and reduce the possibility of developing any other serious health issues relating to his weight.

When Chris first sought my help, he had already lost some initial weight but felt that with my guidance he could continue to do so in a more efficient and safe manner, given that he has suffered from serious back problems for many years. Chris had been motivated to try and change his lifestyle after witnessing the tremendous results achieved by fellow FitBody goer Kyle Pecino, someone he could relate to as they were both originally of very similar height, weight and body shape.

Chris in training

Unfortunately due to Chris's serious back problems he had very limited range of motion and flexibility. This meant we had to be creative with our training approach to ensure he was kept interested, challenged but safe. We also established a healthy, balanced nutrition plan that Chris was happy to follow with the aim of getting rid of his bad eating habits. The main emphasis was on promoting a change in lifestyle and not just a temporary one which might prove unsustainable.

Chris has had a tough journey thus far having to constantly cope with his injuries as they would occasional flare up. A change in his mental approach to food and exercise has been the toughest thing for him to overcome but has been fundamental to the great progress he has made. If anyone's ever taken on such a challenge, or knows someone who has, they will realise how difficult it can be. Everyone's different in their journey to weight loss and change. For some it’s quicker than others but the key is not to judge but to encourage and support those willing to make a change for the better by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

I truly believe Chris has achieved this for himself and even though his journey is still not complete he has shown great determination in the face of adversity and continues to push forward. It was for this reason and after losing an incredible 30 kilograms that Chris was awarded the annual FitBody Result most committed award for 2015.

Chris and Daniel Chris

Chris is a shining example to anyone who wants to make the change, proving that it can be done. All you need is to be focused, committed and determined. Congratulations Chris keep up the hard work.

Kyle Pecino

Standing at 6 foot 7 inches and weighing a massive 164kg (360.8lbs) it's safe to say Kyle was dangerously overweight. After his 28th birthday he made a promise to himself, to quit smoking and become fitter and healthier before his 30th birthday.

Kyle wanted to reach 120kg, a 44kg weight loss was his target. Sports (Basketball and Volleyball) have always been very important to Kyle but over the years with lower back pain setting in, his agility and physical performance began to diminish all because of his excessive weight gain.

Kyle before picture

When Kyle contacted me at FitBody Result he needed a complete overhaul, not just his physical shape and the bad eating habits he had developed over the years but also his mind-set so that he would be prepared for what he was about to undertake.

With a daily calorie intake that consisted of over 4000kcal, our attention to his nutrition would play a key role in his ability to lose the necessary weight and help prevent illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease etc

We began by setting out dietary restrictions in which he was happy to stick too, no soft drinks, eliminating high fat and sugary foods. Once Kyle had that under control we then took it a step further and began to analyse the rest of his food intake, times, frequency of meals, hydration, amount of carbohydrates consumed and the most over looked factor, his portion size, which we soon came to realise were far too big!

The next consideration was his training and daily physical activity levels, it was non-existent! The challenge would be to find activities for Kyle which he would enjoy but be physically demanding for him as performing such exercises like Press Ups, Sit Ups, Planks and the dreaded Burpee was out of the question as physically he would not be able to perform them with any consistency or comfort.

Having had a great deal of success previously I introduced Kyle to Fitness Boxing, so he would be able to stay on his feet and box, this would substitute for both cardio and muscular development without having him get down on the floor to perform certain exercises then back up again which would result in his back problems to arise.

Kyle progress photos

Kyle took to the Boxing like a fish to water, I could make it physically challenging for him, he enjoyed it and it was a stress relief.

Fast forward 7 months and the transformation is truly on its way, the weight is just falling off and the centimetres from both his chest and waist measurements are dropping drastically.

Kyle trained consistently at FitBody Result for 11 months and in that time he changed his whole outlook on his diet and training, he's learned that it's a lifestyle change and the sooner you come to terms with that the quicker you can apply yourself to reach your goals and stay on track!

Within Kyle's 11 month journey he has completely re-invented himself.

Kyle end picture

Kyle's body stats began at 164kg, 148cm waist and 134cm chest.

He has now lost an amazing 47.5kg (104.72lbs), 41.5cm from his waist and 22.5cm from his chest.

Kyle's now weighs 116.4kg (well within his target goal!), 106.5cm from his waist and 111.5cm from his chest.

It is astonishing to think that only a few short months ago Kyle struggled with most body weight exercises. Now however he has developed the necessary strength confidence and commitment to perform them in a much more athletic and consistent manner.

All I can say is that Kyle has been the perfect example of what dedication and commitment are all about, I believe he has learned the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to maintain his current weight for life, eat healthy, train appropriately and most important of all, be happy with himself.

What follows is a direct quote taken from a conversation I had over Facebook with Kyle on the 11th September regarding a before and after picture of Kyle that I had sent him:

"Just shown my parents lolol hard to believe that's how I looked, I see that dude down the street now and tell him to get help, lol."

In a community where obesity is on the rise, we as individuals need to make a conscious choice to better ourselves and set an example to those around us who also struggle with weight problems and show them that it is achievable.

The amazing transformation Kyle has undergone, is a perfect example of that drive and determination. For this reason Kyle earned himself the 2013 FitBody Result Most Committed Award and deservedly so! I am extremely proud of Kyle and all that he has achieved, he is a shining example and a role model to others who think weight loss is an insurmountable challenge.

Stay positive, plan out your goals, make them realistic and don't give up, if it were easy everyone would do it!

Well done Kyle!

Daniel Cornelio at FitBody Result

P.S. Without Struggle, There Is No Progress

Kyle most committed during 2013