Kyle Pecino

At the age of 28 I set myself the goal of being fit and healthy by the time I turned 30.

I stand at 6ft 7in (2 meters) and at that time weighed 360.80lbs (164kg), quite a bit more than I would have liked to. I had poor dietary habits, was a regular smoker and suffered from chronic lower back pain and asthma.

I quit smoking in May 2012 and by September of that same year I was already feeling the urge to lose some weight.

Together with my fiancé I joined the classes offered by Daniel at Fit Body Result and quickly realised that despite the fact that I have been a regular basketball and volleyball player for most of my life, I wasn’t very fit at all.

After some time I started feeling the benefits in terms of my performance in sports despite making very minor changes to my diet. As far as weight loss went, I didn't have an exact figure as no regular household scales could take my weight (or at least those that I came across).

After my fiancé injured her foot and had to stop attending the classes, I decided to take the plunge and engage the services of Daniel as my personal fitness coach.

With Daniel’s help, I immediately felt more motivated and determined to make a bigger effort in respect to my diet and eating habits. A task made easier with the “Eat Great, Lose Weight” nutritional booklet offered at fitbodyresult.com. I quickly learned that I should not view changing my eating habits as a diet, but rather as a lifestyle change, a nutrition and healthy eating plan that I could integrate into my life and follow for as long as I chose to.

I started with small steps, by cutting out crisps, then fizzy drinks until eventually I was complying with all the advice contained in the “Eat Great, Lose Weight” booklet. My improved diet combined with the tailor made exercise programme prepared for me by Daniel at fitbodyresult.com. have made a tremendous change to my life.

Kyle Pecino Summary

I have been at it for five months now and can happily report that I have lost a massive 30kg, 16cm from my chest and a further 27cm from my waist. My lower back pain has also reduced dramatically which has allowed my personalised programme to expand and become more varied and challenging. The positive support and comments I have received from my family and friends have been great and the online response has been tremendous as I have featured on the fitbodyresult.com website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

I can confidently state that the changes I have made to my eating habits and lifestyle are now permanent, as I can feel, as well as see the great results and the change this has had on my life.
Finally what I would like to say to those individuals, who have struggled in the past with achieving their own health and fitness goals, is that the help and support I received from Daniel at fitbodyresult.com was fantastic. The personalised programmes and nutritional information which are available are excellent and most of important of all they work! Trust me.
So if you are looking to turn your life around and achieve your health and fitness goals, there is no better way than to get in contact with Daniel at fitbodyresult.com, you won't regret it.

The only downside I have experienced is that I find myself in urgent need of new clothes.