Levi Attias

Some years back, I had a knee replacement. The post-operative prognosis was dismal. I tried various means of improving a bad job badly done.

Someone suggested I contact Daniel Cornelio.
I did. I think it's now been 6 months of 'Daniel-work' on my knee and beyond. I have never been enthused by the gym. I am not motivated by gym-work. But my knee situation forced me to 'gym-ise' myself regularly and Daniel has motivated me beyond expectations.

I have seen how committed I've become in looking after 'el body'.
I have gained immense benefits from my weekly 2 hourly sessions with Daniel. I feel better, walk better and eat better!

I expect to continue with the 'Daniel-tonic' twice weekly for the foreseeable future.
From a position where I could hardly walk with ease - now, I walk my talk.

Daniel is hugely responsible for my amazing improvement.

My gratitude to Daniel, no questions!

58 Years Old