Tristan Martinez

The reason I began training with Daniel was due to my own health, I was overweight and not comfortable with my body. I grew to the unhealthy weight of 98.8kg and had many stretch marks that scarred my body, I thought I looked awful. I returned from University and my parents encouraged me to start training with Daniel. At first I was nervous, I thought training with Daniel would be more of an army boot camp experience constantly being shouted at, but as it turned out I was completely wrong

We started off conversing about the news at the time, and this settled my nerves as I saw that he was easy to talk to. I was weighed and measured and we talked about what I wanted to achieve, I explained that I wanted to lose weight and that is exactly what happened. I managed to lose 9 kg in three months. Daniel taught me that in order to lose weight I did not need to cut out all of the things that I enjoy. I still drank some alcohol and ate the occasional meal that was not the healthiest.

Tristan Transformation

Daniel taught me that in order to maintain the weight loss and avoid putting it back on, I needed to change my lifestyle. I will always be grateful to Daniel for what he did for me. I feel amazing, I am no longer lethargic, I wake up earlier than I used to and have much more energy than when I was overweight. All of this is due to hard work from both myself and Daniel, I would recommend that anyone who wants to lose weight contact him, it is the best decision you will ever make.