Daniel Robinson

Over two months ago I decided to join Fit Body Result as I felt unfit and needed that push to lose those extra kilograms.

After looking through the website I decided to e-mail Daniel Cornelio. I have been attending his classes and been going to his personal training sessions twice a week ever since.

I was very eager to start straight away as I had always been a size 34 and was getting to the point where I had to buy size 38. After only 2 months I can happily say I am back to a comfortable size 34. Not only has Daniel helped me physically but he has also taught me to eat healthier through one to one consultations and his Eating Healthy programme, which you can buy online on this website. This programme is very efficient and straight to the point which was very useful.

8 weeks and lost 9.3kg

I recommend Fit Body Result to anyone who wants to get fit and lose weight as Daniel is very effective and gets the results you want. His classes are not only professional but enjoyable too. I have tried other fitness classes and going to the gym but noting beats the results I have got here.

26 years old