Michelle Rugeroni

Having decided I was fed up of being overweight and thinking a healthier lifestyle would give me a better future, I called Daniel at FitBody Result and together we planned to make Fat to Fit (a local TV show with 3 other willing participants).

I'd seen what an incredible job Dan had done previously with other clients helping them reach their goals and change their life, this inspired me to believe that I too could achieve this and change my life for the better.

Michelle and Daniel

I found that the training and goals set in front of me, whilst difficult were very achievable with Dan’s expert care and attention and being at the end of a WhatsApp made all the difference to me. He mentored me and with his methods of training and exercises, the 4 of us doing the Fat to Fit programme, managed to achieve life-changing results.

3 months into my training I suffered an angina attack! At just 45 years of age this stopped me in my tracks and made me think about how I had previously lived an unhealthy life; being overweight since my late teens, having a poor diet, minimal exercise, former smoker and an underlying family history that I was unaware of.

I was a ticking time bomb, but luckily I had already begun to loose considerable weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Thank goodness I was on the road to becoming healthier or goodness knows what might have happened.

Dan quickly came to my rescue and together with the right medical advice and guidance we devised a new plan that would work around my health issue whilst reintroducing me into a training regime. Swimming, power walking and cycling became a big part of my rehabilitation whilst focusing heavily on my nutrition, as my training intensity was limited.

Michelle Training

I was very apprehensive at first but slowly and surely I began to feel better, my weight began to go down again and my strength increased. Six months went by and I reached my goal of loosing 20kg! Proud was an understatement and to be able to have those six months of my journey filmed and aired for the local community to see gave me a great sense of achievement.

This however was not the end of my journey but simply the beginning, the TV show might have ended but I still have goals I wish to achieve. I still attend Daniel’s circuit training classes once or twice a week, whilst cycling to work on a regular basis.

This experience has really changed me for the better and I have set myself a goal of taking part in a triathlon in September 2016. Daniel has helped to change my life; He has become my friend and mentor in moments of weakness and I would certainly recommend him to everyone. Let him help change your life too.

Michelle's Transformation