Kyle Pecino

At the age of 28 I set myself the goal of being fit and healthy by the time I turned 30.

I stand at 6ft 7in (2 meters) and at that time weighed 360.80lbs (164kg), quite a bit more than I would have liked to. I had poor dietary habits, was a regular smoker and suffered from chronic lower back pain and asthma.

I quit smoking in May 2012 and by September of that same year I was already feeling the urge to lose some weight.

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Levi Attias

Some years back, I had a knee replacement. The post-operative prognosis was dismal. I tried various means of improving a bad job badly done.

Someone suggested I contact Daniel Cornelio.
I did. I think it's now been 6 months of 'Daniel-work' on my knee and beyond. I have never been enthused by the gym. I am not motivated by gym-work. But my knee situation forced me to 'gym-ise' myself regularly and Daniel has motivated me beyond expectations.

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Daniel Robinson

Over two months ago I decided to join Fit Body Result as I felt unfit and needed that push to lose those extra kilograms.

After looking through the website I decided to e-mail Daniel Cornelio. I have been attending his classes and been going to his personal training sessions twice a week ever since.

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Javan Robertson

Daniel Cornelio (cornelious the great, like I call him) is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough ("Javan, don’t stop!") and warm ("Javan, you can do this").

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Jerry Aguilera

"Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to."

In my opinion, an outstanding master in his craft, Daniel has not only been able to exploit my determination and desire to succeed in improving my general fitness level.

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Abigail Bolaños

I lost a baby this year and trying to conceive the months after this tragedy was a nightmare, every month was heartbreaking and along with my disappointment of not getting pregnant my weight started to go up and my self-confidence and mood down.

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Alexandra Enriles

I have always been into fitness, however I never thought that I'd be doing a write up about my body's transformation! Over the last few months I embarked on a personal challenge when I joined the Miss Gibraltar 2016 competition.

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Antonio Torres

Last year I hit rock bottom and decided I needed to improve my overall fitness level. I found the motivation I was missing with Daniel from FitBody Result.

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Heidi Jeffries

In May 2014 I made the most important decision that I have ever made in my life. I decided that my weight was totally out of control and health issues were creeping up. I was on Ferograd, Vitamin B complex and needed contant medical check ups every month.

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Michelle Rugeroni

Having decided I was fed up of being overweight and thinking a healthier lifestyle would give me a better future, I called Daniel at FitBody Result and together we planned to make Fat to Fit (a local TV show with 3 other willing participants).

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Chris Wood

Last year a group of friends and I decided to put our names down to participate in a 200km bicycle race across the Pyrenees. I did this race in 2006 when I was 35 so I felt that it would be a good achievement to do it again after 10 years.

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Maxine Montegriffo

I started training with Daniel in a bid to lose some weight and tone up as two pregnancies quite close together definitely takes a toll on your body.

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Tristan Martinez

The reason I began training with Daniel was due to my own health, I was overweight and not comfortable with my body.

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